The University of Groningen is an internationally oriented university, rooted in Groningen, the City of Talent. Quality has been central for 400 years. The result: the University of Groningen is in the top 100 in influential rankings.

The University of Groningen stimulates interdisciplinary research and facilitates a unique environment for collaboration between different disciplines and innovation projects with societal partners. Amongst other things, an innovation agenda ‘Smart Mobility’ has been drawn up, which contains the joint research plans of about 40 researchers from 9 faculties. In doing so, the researchers are also expressing an explicit invitation to external partners to collaborate in the development of new concepts in order to jointly take the next step towards sustainable mobility of goods and people.

Developing new mobility systems requires not only developing new technologies, but also integrating these technologies into existing organizations and environments or developing the environment to make it suitable for new technologies. All this not only within existing, but also future legal frameworks and taking into account ethical standards, but also limitations and opportunities in the field of human behaviour.

A few (research) projects in which the University is actively involved in this area are SMiLES, MOCOLODO and UlaaDS.