Energetic kick-off Knowledge Table Accessibility Rural Area

In collaboration with Hive partner University of Groningen, Hive.Mobility organized a knowledge table on February 2 on the theme of Accessibility of the Rural Area, in particular with regard to the Northern Netherlands. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ir. Taede Tillema and Prof. Dr. Jos Arts, various relevant societal parties from the Northern Netherlands came together. In an interactive way, those present explored the current challenges surrounding the accessibility of rural areas and identified underlying knowledge questions. All this with the aim of further understanding and developing the accessibility of rural areas through practice and science.

During the lively meeting it emerged that it is important to properly define and frame the accessibility of the rural area as a subject. Current issues include shared mobility, hub development, the gap between public transport accessibility and car accessibility, maintaining facilities, transport poverty and behavioral change.
The participants in the knowledge table agreed that the accessibility of the rural area is a current important societal issue and that mobility is a means of maintaining a liveable rural area together.

Together, a joint approach was explored to take the theme a step further. Among other things, work is being done on a shared mobility community, for which a Northern Netherlands meeting will be held on 30 March. It has also become apparent that there is a need for joint data collection, monitoring and knowledge sharing regarding the accessibility of rural areas.

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