First Meet & Greet with Hardt Hyperloop

Extremely fast travel through a pipe network may be the future of transport. In the Netherlands, the company Hardt Hyperloop is working on the first European hyperloop test center in Groningen. Hardt is looking for enthusiastic stakeholders in the north who find it interesting to work on a joint ambition.

In response to this request, Hive.Mobility, in collaboration with Hardt, the University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, organized a first exploratory Meet & Greet on 19 February. During this session, researchers, lecturers, education directors and other stakeholders from different knowledge institutions conducted a broad exploration on three different topics to see how we can contribute, from the Northern Netherlands, to the developments surrounding the Hyperloop. The three topics along which this exploration took place were social adaptation, system definition and economic feasibility. The participants for example discussed what interesting research questions there are, the connection with the business community and education and which collaborations could arise from this.

This first Meet & Greet has already led to many great insights. The organization is currently working on a next step. Keep an eye on our communication channels for the latest updates!

Photo: Hardt Hyperloop