Five questions for… Andrea Poelstra (robotTUNER)

Every month we ask one of our partners 5 questions. Read below what they do, how important mobility and innovation is to them and how they see the future of mobility.

We asked 5 questions to Andrea Poelstra, CEO of robotTUNER.

Company: robotTUNER
Number of employees: 20+

Can you tell us a bit more about your organization, what do you do?

RobotTUNER wants to accelerate the future. We are an independent technical partner of cities, governments and manufacturers that (want to) use autonomous vehicles.

Our background is in training and assessing people and machines in the transport sector. Our products and services contribute to reducing the number of accidents on the road.

RobotTUNER develops solutions for certifying interaction between robots and humans. An example is the driver’s license for autonomous cars.

What mobility challenges do you have or see?

One of our challenges is to make public transport run partly automatically in order to maintain accessibility and the public transport lines. Our social goal is to increase well-being by, among other things, increasing the quality of life in the region.

Which mobility innovations play a role within your organization?

We want to make it possible to run buses and vans in public transport without a human operator. This will go step by step, we will start on simple routes and then expand further. The goal is to run the first autonomous bus in the Province of Groningen by 2025.

The future of mobility: what are you hoping it will look like?

Sharing means of transport is becoming normal. When you travel, you use more types of transport that are not owned by you, such as the public transport bicycle, an autonomous bus and a shared car. Mobility will soon be more customized, more environmentally friendly, accessible, comfortable, with time for activities while traveling and with fewer fatalities.

Why is it important for you to be a partner of Hive.Mobility?

By working together with partners and local parties, we can quickly achieve more in the field of autonomous transport. The partners of Hive.Mobility want to commit themselves to the mobility of the future and together we can develop and learn faster.