Five questions for… Gertjan Veldkamp (BAM Infra)

Every month we ask one of our partners 5 questions. Read below what they do, how important mobility and innovation is to them and how they see the future of mobility.

This time we asked Gertjan Veldkamp, Regional Director at BAM Infra Nederland, 5 questions.

Company: BAM Infra Netherlands
Number of employees: A total of 15,750 at Royal BAM Group, of which approximately 2,300 at BAM Infra Nederland.

Can you tell us more about your organisation, what do you do?

We have been building the infrastructure of the Netherlands for more than 150 years. We are not only building the roads of today, but also for the next generation. As the most sustainable construction company, we are continuously looking for opportunities to become more sustainable and thus have a positive environmental impact. We do not wait, but take the initiative together with partners. We do this, among other things, by investing in sustainable equipment. We are committed to an accessible, safe and attractive Netherlands.

What mobility challenges do you have or see?

The new mobility is about roads, traffic and transport, but especially about the smart use of these. Gone are the days when only roads were built. Today, it concerns total solutions in the field of infrastructure, maintenance and optimal use. When we plan a road, it’s not so much about asphalt, but why the road should be built, who will use it and when. We work with digital information, data that we collect for optimal mobility.

Which mobility innovations play a role within your organisation?

How do people get from A to B? How do they retrun? And how do they feel about it? Quality, safety, everything plays a role. Innovation and continued development is going very fast. What will it look like in five to ten years? There is an increasing spread in time, place and means of transport, the hyperloop and the self-driving car are getting closer and we are increasingly using shared means of transport. We believe in cycling as an important form of transport in the city. The bicycle can still grow enormously there. Bicycle mobility is hot. The link between bicycle and public transport is also important.

The future of mobility: what do you hope it will look like?

The future of mobility is not becoming increasingly passive yourself. Although technology is increasingly making that possible. But humans are made to move. We also feel the need to move.

Why is it important to you to be a partner of Hive.Mobility?

We want to play an important role in making the infrastructure sector more sustainable and more sustainable. We cannot do this alone. Together with clients and partners, we achieve sustainability goals by offering creative and innovative solutions. Joining Hive.Mobility is therefore a very logical step for us.