Groningen Airport Eelde is supplementing PowerUp with research into flying on hydrogen

The northern airport together with, among others, the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe and the partners Hive.Mobility and PEN EM are researching the feasibility, relevance and in particular the potential of hydrogen for emission-free flying.

We see great opportunities for aviation when it comes to hydrogen. We want to become the most sustainable airport in Europe with the help of this technology”, says Meiltje de Groot, director Groningen Airport Eelde. “For us, this means that not only the airport itself is completely sustainable, but also its users.” Groningen Airport Eelde wants to realize its own hydrogen infrastructure and chain. “By connecting an electrolyser to the on Groningen Airport Eelde realized solar park, we can produce our own hydrogen, that can be used on both land and air sides for and by different equipment and modes of transport. Our ambition is to connect the Northern Netherlands by air to other European regions in a sustainable way.

About PEN EM

PEN EM focuses on promoting and accelerating the introduction of electrical passenger flights. These are battery-electric or hydrogen-electric flights, so without CO2 emission, also known as ‘0.0 aviation’. PEN EM is located in multi-company building RLS1957 on the airport grounds of Groningen Airport Eelde. “This is a very logical place for us: at an airport and in the middle of the hydrogen region of The Netherlands. The Northern Netherlands is a frontrunner in the transition to sustainable energy systems, especially in the field of hydrogen, and that will yield optimal synergy”, says Jochem Croon of PEN EM.

Hydrogen in the Northern Netherlands

Deputy Rijzebol, Province of Groningen: “Hydrogen technology plays an important role in the Northern Netherlands. We play a pioneering role when it comes to hydrogen innovations. Therefore we support the feasibility study into sustainable flying and keep the keep a close eye on the development. As a province, we see many opportunities. In the first place to boost hydrogen innovation. But of course also to connect our region well. If we will soon have an dense network of air connections in Europe in a sustainable way, this is very valuable for the Northern Netherlands.

Innovative mobility solutions

As innovation center Hive.Mobility we work together with Northern educational institutions, and companies are developing smart and sustainable mobility solutions”, says Ilse Mensink, program manager Hive.Mobility. “We work hard within this ecosystem on the transition to a more sustainable, safer and smarter mobility of goods and persons. This feasibility study on sustainable flying fits seamlessly with the ambition of our partners and we are happy to participate in this. From that perspective, we also started the exploration for the feasibility study with the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe, the municipalities Groningen and Tynaarlo, the University of Groningen, the NOM, New Energy Coalition, PEN EM and DroneHub GAE.

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