Groningen wants to collaborate with Norway on emission-free ferry

Groningen, together with the Norwegian Kristiansand, will explore the possibilities for an emission-free ferry connection. It would be the world’s first commercial zero-emission transport route for goods and passengers. Groningen and Norwegian administrators signed a letter of intent in Kristiansand on Thursday 28 October. On behalf of Groningen, deputy of the province of Groningen Melissa van Hoorn and mayor of Groningen Koen Schuiling were among others present. The ferry between Kristiansand and Eemshaven has been operating since April this year. The signing of the letter of intent is part of the Groningen innovation mission, which took place in de last week of October in Denmark and Norway.


The letter of intent is a first step towards a collaboration that should enable an emission-free ferry between Eemshaven and Kristiansand. The main parties involved are the province of Groningen, the municipality of Groningen, the municipality of Kristiansand, Groningen Seaports, the port of Kristiansand and shipping company Holland Norway Lines. For an emission-free ferry, the main focus is on the use of hydrogen, which is an important energy carrier for the shipping sector in making it more sustainable.

Innovation mission

After the visit to Sweden and Finland in May, a delegation from Groningen visited Denmark and Norway from 23 to 29 October. The delegation consists of administrators and employees of Groningen government authorities, knowledge institutions and companies. This so-called innovation mission is an initiative of the province and municipality of Groningen and focuses on getting acquainted and collaborate in the areas of energy, mobility, economy and the labor market. The delegation visited various meetings and projects in, among others, Esbjerg, Skive and Aalborg (Denmark), and in Stavanger and Kristiansand (Norway).