HIVE LIVE 2022 all about innovation and connecting

The second edition of the HIVE LIVE event was successful on Thursday 17 November. HIVE LIVE is an inspiring, annual networking event around smart and sustainable mobility. This year the event was all about sharing knowledge about inspiring projects and making new connections. Visitors were challenged to solve future challenges with fresh eyes.

Connect the Future

This year the theme was ‘Connect the Future’. The mobility of the future is connected. Where speed, range and comfort are currently the main focus, in the future people and goods will be transported more flexibly, more sustainably and more demand-driven. Mobility, for example, will become an integrated service in which all available means of transport are easily offered. Vehicles move autonomously and communicate with other vehicles or the roadside. But to actually be able to innovate and realize, collaboration is essential. Are governments, companies and knowledge institutions ready for this transformation?

Entrepreneurship, research and innovation

Evelien Bosch guided visitors in a varied programme. Three very different presenters talked about innovations, collaboration, research and digitization during their HIVE TALKS.

Jan Harmen Akkerman of TanQyou talked about the ambitions to link more and more mobility services within TanQyou and thus grow into the largest mobility platform in Europe.

Wander Jager, associate professor of social sciences at the University of Groningen, provided insight into the latest innovations in predicting and stimulating social mobility behavior using state-of-the-art computer simulations. Through these simulations, for example of the city of Groningen, population opinions and behavioral dynamics can be accurately analyzed and can also be used to predict opinions about innovative future scenarios. Consider, for example, the introduction of a shared car concept.

Edwin Bussem of KPN then concluded the HIVE TALKS with a preview of the possibilities of 5G for the future of mobility. 5G can play an important role in the development of self-driving buses, autonomous drones and smart shipping. Edwin outlined the challenges and possibilities.

Bad ideas

Rico Bakker, expert in the field of creative and innovative thinking, closed the afternoon with an inspiring and interactive keynote about ‘the power of a bad idea’. According to Rico, our brain works quickly and efficiently through connections that are made every day and keep our lives organized and predictable. We can therefore solve problems with very little effort by logical and realistic thinking. However, if we want new solutions, we have to learn to think differently. “And if we want to think differently, we have to ask different questions. Questions that lead to insane, unrealistic and downright bad ideas help us to break free from ‘rusted’ patterns,” says Rico Bakker.

Photos and aftermovie

View the photos and the aftermovie of the event below.