HIVE LIVE 2023: talent for mobility of the future

The third edition of the annual HIVE LIVE event took place on Thursday, November 16. HIVE LIVE is an inspiring networking event around smart and sustainable mobility. This year the event was all about talent development for mobility of the future. Visitors were inspired to think about how we challenge and give space to talent within organizations, but also how we can better train and recruit talent.

Talent for the future

With the current tight labor market, the demand for talent is more urgent than ever. Especially in the rapidly developing mobility sector with constantly changing issues and technological innovations. From new fuels, battery techniques, IT technologies, legal issues to behavioral campaigns. Sufficient talent is crucial to make the mobility transition a success.

But how do you approach training, attracting and retaining talent in the competitive labor market? What impact does your organization’s leadership have on retaining talent for the future? Do the vision and culture of your organization match what young talent is looking for in an employer?

Flaming argument about ambition and challenge

Marelle van Beerschoten presented a varied program on behalf of Hive.Mobility. Marc Lammers, a visionary coach with a clear vision on coaching, talent development and leadership, kicked off the afternoon. Marc led sports teams to success, culminating in Olympic gold with the Dutch women’s hockey team. Today, Marc uses his experience and knowledge to help organizations continue to innovate and improve in challenging times. He is also involved as a coach with the Brunel Solar Team at TU Delft. In his fiery story, he emphasized the importance of ambition, challenge, innovation and having a ‘why’ to keep talent on board. He also shared his vision on how teams can get into a ‘flow’ to achieve joint success.

Regional labor market, innovative and lifelong learning

After Marc Lammers’ keynote, various speakers talked about the labor market, employer branding, innovative and lifelong learning during their HIVE TALKS. Arjen Edzes, Lecturer in the regional labor market, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen and Associate Professor of Regional Labor Market at the University of Groningen, presented interesting insights and figures from research into the regional labor market that is part of the NPG project ‘Talent in the Region’.

Roeland Hogt, Noorderpoort, and Aldwin Oechies, Holthausen Clean Technology, explained how Noorderpoort collaborates with companies such as Holthausen in learning communities to develop training courses that connect to practice. An example of this is the successful collaboration in the field of hydrogen education.

The afternoon was then concluded with a panel discussion about the lateral entry program ‘Slim and Groen Onderweg’ of the three northern provinces. In 6 months, 15 people will be prepared for a career change to Smart Mobility. During the panel discussion, Erik Wegh (program coordinator), Herman Pieter Ubbens (project leader of the province of Groningen) and Dagmar Hoogland and Jan Batelaan (participants of the lateral entry program) talked about their experiences, thr usefulness, the necessity, success factors and growth opportunities of the lateral entry program.