Hive.Mobility in special Campus Groningen Newspaper

At the end of 2021, the special Campus Groningen edition of the Groninger Ondernemers Courant was published. In this paper edition you can read more about the developments, collaborations and innovations of Campus Groningen. The special edition appeared as an insert in the regular Groninger Ondernemers Courant and was delivered to 10,000 addresses. Researchers and entrepreneurs tell you about their work and innovations in themes in which the Campus excels. Ilse Mensink (Hive.Mobility), Irene Amsing (Campus Groningen) and Wilko Huyink (Groningen Bereikbaar) were also interviewed for this special edition about the steps their organizations are taking together for an accessible, sustainable and innovative Campus Groningen. Read the interview below or download the full Campus Groningen newspaper (in Dutch).

Campus Groningen is a place where encounters lead to new collaborations and innovations. In the coming years, Campus Groningen will increasingly become a place where students and employees can stay, meet and gain inspiration. Together with Hive.Mobility, Groningen Bereikbaar and its partners, Campus Groningen will make great strides in the coming years in sustainable and innovative mobility solutions for a hospitable, accessible and future-proof Campus.

Irene Amsing, Campus Services and Mobility program manager: “We have to act now to maintain and develop a sustainable campus where students and entrepreneurs like to stay. This means that we must initiate the sustainable mobility transition. A sustainable mobility transition starts with finding a new balance between increasing mobility demand and increasingly scarce space. In this way we work together on a green Campus where the mobility solutions of the future are present.” Amsing: “Together with our partners from Campus Groningen, Hive.Mobility and Groningen Bereikbaar, we have bundled the wishes, interests and ambitions in a joint action agenda. This action agenda focuses on the common interest: a sustainable and healthy further development of Campus Groningen. This action agenda does not only look at the ambitions at the local and regional level, but also includes the ambitions at national and international level. Sustainable, healthy and innovative forms of mobility are of course central to this.”

Ilse Mensink (Hive.Mobility program manager): “As an innovation center in the field of mobility, we work together within Hive.Mobility on the mobility of the future. We achieve results by joining forces. We do this within Hive.Mobility with knowledge and educational institutions, governments and entrepreneurs. This ties in well with Campus Groningen’s ambitions to make the Campus future-proof in an innovative way.” Amsing: “A project that we are working on together is Smart Mobility. This is about the smart application of information and communication technologies and data to get a grip on the mobility flows and to be able to steer the mobility flows. The recently installed FlowCubes, intelligent traffic sensors, contribute to this.”

Mensink: “We see the Campus as a testing ground for solutions. One of the things we are going to realize on the Campus is a Living Lab. In this innovation center we will test, simulate, research and apply concretely. For example, there will be a test track at this lab on which self-driving cars will be tested. There will also be a ‘garage of the future’ in the building. With hydrogen-powered trucks and autonomous cars and new ways of transporting us, there are also new forms of maintenance. Students from Noorderpoort, for example, will soon be able to master the new techniques in this garage. We are also experimenting with parcel delivery via drones and the use of hydrogen in mobility. Entrepreneurs are cordially invited to contribute ideas and to visit this innovation center, because there is a good chance that we can do something for each other!” Wilko Huyink, director of Groningen Bereikbaar, agrees with Amsing and Mensink and adds: “Because so many partners are involved in this project, we can only succeed if we all work together and join forces. Only then can we ensure an accessible campus that is also more sustainable, healthier and safer!”

Would you like to read the entire Campus Groningen newspaper (in Dutch)? Download the newspaper via the Campus Groningen website.