Hive.Mobility publishes new Hive Magazine

Hive.Mobility has published the second digital Hive Magazine. The theme of this magazine is ‘Connect the Future’.

The mobility of the future is connected. Where speed, range and comfort are currently the main focus, in the future people and goods will be transported more flexibly, more sustainably and more demand-driven. Mobility, for example, will become an integrated service in which all available means of transport are easily offered. Vehicles move autonomously and communicate with other vehicles or the roadside. But to actually be able to innovate and realize, collaboration is essential. Are governments, companies and knowledge institutions ready for this transformation?

Rico Bakker, Jan Harmen Akkerman (TanQyou), Wander Jager (University of Groningen) and Edwin Bussem (KPN), among others, offer readers inspiration in the field of innovation, collaboration and the future of mobility. Readers are inspired to leave the beaten track and work with others on new mobility solutions for the future.

Do you want to know more about the future of mobility and how we can innovate together? Read the magazine (only available in Dutch) now!