National Traffic Management Congress successful

This year, the Province of Groningen hosted the Nationaal Verkeerskundecongres (National Traffic Management Congress), with the theme ‘The future of mobility’. During the pre-congress, we welcomed more than 50 enthusiastic visitors to Hive.Mobility.

The visitors were presented with a varied and inspiring programme. RobotTUNER, Qbuzz, Drone Delivery Services, the European Hyperloop Center and others provided presentations and mobility demos. For example, visitors could visit a mock-up of the hyperloop, a hydrogen bus and a fully electrically powered inspection vessel or visit the demonstrations with an autonomous flying drone and an autonomous driving vehicle.

The following day, the congress was opened by deputy of the province of Groningen Fleur Gräper-van Koolwijk. She explained why we in Groningen have already started with the future of mobility and how in the North governments, companies and knowledge institutions work together on sustainable and smart innovations. Throughout the day, hundreds of visitors visited various workshops and presentations, including from Groningen Bereikbaar, the municipality of Groningen, the province of Groningen and partners. On the ‘exhibition floor’, visitors were introduced to Hive.Mobility and we included them in our mission for a sustainable, smart and inclusive mobility of the future.