Delivering more sustainably to the catering industry together

Can food suppliers join forces and deliver orders to the catering industry in a more efficient and sustainable way? And how should they deal with the zero-emission zones? Ilke Bakir and Marjolein Aerts from the University of Groningen are conducting research into this.

Car sharing: what convinces you?

For what reasons would people want to share a car with their neighbors instead of driving their own car? PhD candidate Michelle Lohmeyer from the University of Groningen investigates what people think about car sharing and what their experiences are. And is it actually more sustainable?

New Hive Magazine published

Hive.Mobility has published a new edition of the Hive Magazine. This time the theme is 'Talent for the future'. New innovations in the field of smart and sustainable mobility require people with up-to-date knowledge and the right competencies.

City of Groningen wins POLIS Award 2023

The municipality of Groningen has won the POLIS Award 2023 during the annual European POLIS conference. Groningen receives the prize because of its progressive and innovative approach to sustainable mobility and its long-term commitment to a cleaner, fairer and smarter city.

HIVE LIVE 2023: talent for mobility of the future

The third edition of the annual HIVE LIVE event took place on Thursday, November 16. HIVE LIVE is an inspiring networking event around smart and sustainable mobility. This year the event was all about talent development for mobility of the future. Visitors were inspired to think about how we challenge and give space to talent …

Five questions for… René Schripsema (Groningen Bereikbaar)

We periodically ask 5 questions to one of our partners. Read below what exactly they do, how important mobility and innovation are to them and how they see the future of mobility. This time we asked René Schripsema, director of Groningen Bereikbaar, 5 questions.

Future of mobility at New Energy Forum

On Thursday 22 June 2023, the third edition of the New Energy Forum took place, the event for (prospective) energy and mobility professionals, from student to CEO. No less than 1.375 visitors were able to gain knowledge of pioneering initiatives in the energy and mobility transition.

The Ocean Cleanup founder Florian Dirkse about realizing sustainable dreams

Florian Dirkse is certainly not an idealistic dreamer, but a hard-working ideal chaser with a can-do mentality. How does he overcome challenges and limiting thoughts? And what is his formula for transforming (sustainable) dreams into impact?

‘The transition unfolds: mobility is going back from efficiency to value for people’

After decades of focus on efficiency within mobility, Floor Milikowski notices that the pendulum is now swinging back to social value. According to her, these kinds of transitions require years and years of effort. But also a different way of working.