Foto dichtbij asfalt weg op Zernike Campus.

Breakthrough in emission-free construction of asphalt roads through collaboration in the northeast of the Netherlands

Building asphalt roads without CO2, nitrogen and particulate emissions within a year. It seems an utopia. Something that has never been possible before. “But this will really work through smart collaboration between governments, entrepreneurs and educational institutions in the northeast of the Netherlands,” emphasizes Jan Wienk. He is program manager at the Pioneering Foundation (Stichting …

Air taxis from Groningen Airport Eelde: valuable addition to the accessibility of the Northern Netherlands

A study into Urban air Mobility (air taxis/eVTOLs) by the PEN EM Foundation and M3 Consultancy, made possible in part by Hive.Mobility, shows that electric air taxis will play a role in accessibility in and from/to the Northern Netherlands. The eVTOL flights do not emit CO2 and particulate matter, have lower costs and are quieter …

Inspirational first edition of HIVE LIVE

The first edition of the HIVE LIVE event was successful on Thursday 18 November. HIVE LIVE is an inspiring, annual event with the aim of taking visitors into the future of mobility. The latest developments and knowledge regarding smart and sustainable mobility are shared.

Hive.Mobility organizes new event about the future of mobility: HIVE LIVE

n Thursday 18 November, Hive.Mobility is organizing a new annual event about the mobility transition. HIVE LIVE is an inspiring event with the aim of taking visitors into the future of mobility. The latest developments and knowledge regarding smart and sustainable mobility are shared.

SMASH! launches Roadmap Smart Shipping during Europort

In the Netherlands, a large number of organisations and companies are working on smart shipping and developments in the field of autonomous shipping. But, what will smart shipping look like in 2030? And, why is it important? The Netherlands Forum for Smart Shipping (SMASH!) has elaborated this in the digital Roadmap Smart Shipping, which was launched during the Europort trade fair in Rotterdam on the 3th of November.

First public green filling station for hydrogen in Groningen

Holthausen Energy Points will open the first public green hydrogen filling station in Groningen on Friday 12 November. A hydrogen filling station has been realized in a short time on the Campus of Century Autogroep on Bornholmstraat, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anyone who wants to refuel with hydrogen. At this first public hydrogen filling station in Groningen, cars, vans and trucks can be refueled in 5 to 10 minutes.

Five questions for… Janet Veldstra (University of Groningen)

Every month we ask one of our partners 5 questions. Read below what they do, how important mobility and innovation is to them and how they see the future of mobility. We asked 5 questions to dr Janet Veldstra, assistant professor of Mobility and Behavior at the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences of the University of Groningen and member of the core team of Hive.Mobility.

Noorderpoort opens Practice Center for Bicycle Technology

On Monday, October 4, Noorderpoort officially opened the Practice Center for Bicycle Technology on Bornholmstraat in Groningen. With this center, Noorderpoort offers a modern learning place, equipped with everything needed to train the bicycle technicians of the future.

Third Meet & Greet with Hardt Hyperloop

The first physical Meet & Greet with Hardt Hyperloop took place on September 28. Interested parties from governments, businesses and knowledge institutions have enjoyed an inspiring afternoon in the energy Barn.