Groningen delegation to Sweden and Finland in the context of innovation

A delegation from the province, municipality of Groningen, knowledge institutions and companies traveled to Sweden on 15 May for a so-called innovation mission, after which Finland was also visited. The purpose of the trip to both countries is to share knowledge, gain inspiration and explore cooperation on the themes of energy, sustainable mobility, education and innovation. The journey lasted until May 21.

New learning community in the field of smart and sustainable aviation

The developments within the transition to sustainable and smart aviation follow each other up rapidly. In order to share and safeguard issues, knowledge and experience from practice and education, Groningen Airport Eelde (GAE) and Hive.Mobility, in collaboration with Noorderpoort and MBO College Airport, have taken the initiative to set up the learning community HIVE LAB - GAE.

Five questions for… Stefan Marges, European Hyperloop Center, and Ilse Mensink, Hive.Mobility

The European Hyperloop Center is located in the Northern Netherlands. All technological hyperloop concepts will soon be able to be tested and demonstrated in this test facility. What is the current status of the realization of the European Hyperloop Center and how is the cooperation with the region progressing? Time for a short interview with …

Mensen wachten op bus bij bushalte.

Blog: How can I reduce my carbon footprint by using smart mobility?

By Annelies Veenstra Being aware of the impact that we have as society on the environment is obvious, right? Well, most of you think so but in reality, we are too little informed by municipalities to know what’s right and wrong in our travel behavior! An emerging and contemporary term is ‘smart mobility’ but what …

Panel discussion: the opportunities and challenges of shared mobility

Shared mobility can play an important role in the mobility transition, but it also brings up new challenges and issues. During the HIVE MIND event, various speakers from the market, government and research discussed this topic.

Prototype hyperloop op terrein EnTranCe.

European Hyperloop Center in conversation with HUSA Logistics about temporary location hyperloop test track in Veendam

After the allocation of 15 million euros from the European Commission at the end of 2021, the development of the test center for the hyperloop in Groningen has gained momentum. In Meerstad, near the city of Groningen, a location was designated in 2019 for the construction of this test center. The European Hyperloop Center (EHC) …

BAM joins Hive.Mobility innovation center

BAM Infra Nederland and Hive.Mobility have signed an agreement whereby BAM Infra joins the network of Hive.Mobility as a strategic partner.

Campus Groningen and partners tackle mobility with Action Agenda Smart Mobility Campus 2022-2030

One look at the Ring road South in Groningen and one realises how important proper accessibility and mobility are. Also for Campus Groningen it is a challenge to encourage smart, sustainable and healthy mobility, because more and more visitors find their way to the Campus. That is why Campus Groningen, Groningen Bereikbaar, Hive.Mobility, University of …

ATO: Automatic Train Operation

New test with automatically controlled train

A new trial with an automatically controlled train will start next summer. The NS, Arriva and ProRail will jointly carry out tests between Groningen Main Station and De Vork depot near Haren. The tests consist of remote control of a train from a so-called ‘Remote Operations Center’ via a 5G connection. From a distance In …