Prototype hyperloop op terrein EnTranCe.

The North creates the new hydrogen economy with transport at the forefront

Hardt Hyperloop still has a relatively long way to go with its concept for vehicles that travel through low-pressure pipes at flight speed, but at the same time the development is in line with the roadmap. That is what CEO of Hardt Hyperloop Tim Houter said during the New Energy Forum.

Busstalling en waterstoftankstation Peizerweg Groningen Qbuzz

Hydrogen in transport: mobility as a catalyst for Hydrogen Valley

During the workshop 'Mobility as a catalyst for Hydrogen Valley', three representatives from different sectors of the transport industry spoke. How do they contribute to the sustainable transition with the application of hydrogen in mobility?

Razende reporter Marloes Nieuwenhuis en dagvoorzitter van het New Energy Forum 2021 Diederik Jekel

Successful first edition of the New Energy Forum

Hive.Mobility organized the New Energy Forum together with EnTranCe Center of Expertise Energy of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen and New Energy Coalition.

Foto lege metro.

First results of the MOCOLODO study: MObility during and after COrona LOckDown

The MObility during and after COrona LOckDown research project (MOCOLODO) answers the question: "What motivates people to avoid public transport during the corona crisis and to use public transport again after the corona crisis?" Leonie Vrieling, researcher at the University of Groningen, currently working on the MOCOLODO research, and Jorinde ten Hoeve, marketer at OV-bureau Groningen Drenthe, explain the consequences and influences of the corona crisis on public transport in an online session during the New Energy Forum.

Vliegtuig in de wolken.

Opportunities for emission-free flying in the Northern Netherlands

Better access and opportunities for the northern economy through the arrival of electric flying. Research conducted in recent months by a project team of the PEN EM Foundation and M3 Consultancy, in collaboration with Groningen Airport Eelde and NewEnergyCoalition, shows that there are great opportunities in the field of electric flying for the Northern Netherlands in the near future.

Philip Broeksma, wethouder gemeente Groningen en Wilko

New ‘smart’ traffic lights Groningen and Drenthe are on

On Friday 18 June, Groningen Bereikbaar and Regio Groningen-Assen, together with the municipality of Groningen and the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe, launched the new intelligent traffic control installations (iVRI). These smart traffic lights see, through apps, what kind and how much traffic is coming and adjust accordingly. The iVRIs were officially 'turned on' during a digital event.

Nieuwe waterstoftankstation op de busstalling van Qbuzz aan de Peizerweg in Groningen

The North creates the new hydrogen economy with transport at the forefront

Official opening of the new hydrogen filling station in Groningen, with 20 new hydrogen buses.

Machine die bioasfalt aanlegt tussen Siddeburen en Wagenborgen.

Test road constructed with bio-asphalt between Siddeburen and Wagenborgen

nfrastructure company Roelofs from Den Ham (Overijssel) started on 2 June with the construction of a test road made of bio-asphalt made with Dutch lignin. It is the first time in the world that a lignin-based road is being built. The fully vegetable lignin is used as a replacement for bitumen in asphalt, which is extracted from crude oil.

Render Hyperloopstation Hardt.

Second Meet & Greet with Hardt Hyperloop

In March we announced that Hive.Mobility, in collaboration with Hardt, the University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, organized a first exploratory Meet & Greet Hyperloop on 19 February. As a follow-up step, a second Meet & Greet took place on 19 May, during which the strategic partners of Hive.Mobility entered into a conversation with Hardt.