Boot in Eemshaven.

Hive.Mobility partner of the Dutch Forum for Smart Shipping

Hive.Mobility recently joined SMASH!, the Dutch Forum for Smart Shipping, as a partner. SMASH! brings the maritime Netherlands together to implement smart shipping and thus strengthen the competitive position of the sector. Smart shipping is highly automated sailing at sea and on inland waterways.

Robot Pepper en autonoom rijdende Renault Twizy op landingsbaan Groningen Aitport Eelde.

Five questions for… Andrea Poelstra (robotTUNER)

Every month we ask 5 questions to one of our partners. Read below what they do, how important mobility and innovation is to them and how they see the future of mobility. We asked 5 questions to Andrea Poelstra, CEO of robotTUNER.

Mobiele laadpaal van EVoltify aan elektrische auto voor het gebouw BuildinG op het terrein van EnTranCe.

‘Bring the charging station to the car instead of the other way around’

The observant follower of Hive.Mobility may have already noticed that start-up EVoltify has been housed for some time in the container of Hive.Mobility on Zernike Campus. Time to take a look at this special start-up. Who is EVoltify and how are they working on the future of mobility?

Kaart Nederland met drie vliegvelden uitgelicht i.h.k.v. Power Up: Groningen Airport Eelde, Eindhoven Airport en Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Groningen Airport Eelde is supplementing PowerUp with research into flying on hydrogen

The northern airport together with, among others, the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe and the partners Hive.Mobility and PEN EM are researching the feasibility, relevance and in particular the potential of hydrogen for emission-free flying.

Bord met tekst erop: Zernike Campus Groningen.

Future vision Smart Mobility Campus 2030 presented

Last year, Campus Groningen started an exploratory study into the future of mobility at the Zernike Campus Groningen, together with Groningen Bereikbaar and Hive.Mobility. The parties wanted to know what the ideal Zernike Campus would look like in the field of smart mobility in 2030 and what steps must be taken to achieve this ideal image. Under the title 'Smart Mobility Campus 2030', the Student Advisory Committee Groningen (SAC) mapped out this vision of the future and the route to it. In February, SAC presented their final report.

Screenshot uit filmpje Koers Noord. Winnende team in elektrische bakfiets.

Student team University of Groningen wins Cargobikathon

Last month, the municipality of Groningen asked students to help them think about successful applications of the cargo bike in the city center of the future. The stores in the city center of Groningen must be stocked without emissions from 2025 on. In other words, no more polluting vans or trucks, but sustainable electric vehicles such as cargo bikes. How do we ensure that the cargo bike is used successfully in the city center of the future?

First Meet & Greet with Hardt Hyperloop

Extremely fast travel through a pipe network may be the future of transport. In the Netherlands, the company Hardt Hyperloop is working on the first European hyperloop test center in Groningen. Hardt is looking for enthusiastic stakeholders in the north who find it interesting to work on a joint ambition.

Foto van een VR-bril met "DRI-VR" erop.

Training student drivers more safely thanks to Virtual Reality

Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen will investigate how future drivers can be trained more safely with the help of Virtual Reality. Young, novice drivers are disproportionately often involved in road accidents. Virtual Reality (VR) has recently been introduced to experience relevant, complex traffic situations more quickly. How can these existing products, which are still in their infancy, be further improved?

Fietser bij ingang Zernike Campus Groningen.

Mobility Challenge: Campus Groningen and Hive.Mobility are working together with TripService

Last year, startups could register for Startup in Residence Noord-Nederland. This is a program with which the government gives startups the opportunity to come up with innovative ideas and solutions for societal challenges. Campus Groningen submitted a challenge together with Hive.Mobility under the heading Campus Mobility. What is the status of this challenge? We talked to Irene Amsing, community coordinator of Campus Groningen.