Noorderpoort opens Practice Center for Bicycle Technology

On Monday, October 4, Noorderpoort officially opened the Practice Center for Bicycle Technology on Bornholmstraat in Groningen. With this center, Noorderpoort offers a modern learning place, equipped with everything needed to train the bicycle technicians of the future. The location has the facilities to teach students everything about all types of bicycles: from the city bike to the electric bicycle. Groningen Provincial Executive Fleur Gräper-van Koolwijk and Executive Board member of Noorderpoort Gerry Geitz opened the center.

In the past year, the dockshelter next to the Noorderpoort location on Bornholmstraat was transformed into the Northern Netherlands’ practical center for bicycle technology and light electric vehicles. The bicycle is becoming increasingly important for people – especially in Groningen city. So there is plenty of work for bicycle technicians. With this, Noorderpoort hopes to be able to meet the need for professionals even more. The first results are promising: no fewer than 54 first-year students started this year, compared to 16 last year.

In addition, Noorderpoort, together with ‘Werk in Zicht’ and the professional field, offers modules for people with a distance to the labor market. The first group of 12 participants has now completed the process and 5 of them have now entered the regular training. Due to the success, the collaboration will be continued and a second group will start.

Another scoop

The Practice Center for Bicycle Technology on Bornholmstraat is now officially in use. But there is another scoop: Noorderpoort’s new hydrogen bicycle can also be admired there.