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Autonomous shuttle

If you go to the Ommelander Hospital in Scheemda, you can use the self-driving shuttle between the main entrance and the nearest bus stop. The shuttle transports patients, visitors and staff to and from the hospital. The route is about 1.5 km long.

Autonome shuttle van Navya met deuren open.

By carrying out tests with different types of vehicles, different parties gain as much experience as possible with autonomous road transport and this makes it possible to accelerate development. Autonomous transport offers opportunities to maintain and improve accessibility and quality of life in the Northern Netherlands.

From a national point of view, this trial in the Northern region is leading the way in the development of autonomous transport on the road. This is the first trial for the province of Groningen with an autonomous shuttle with passengers. Previously, tests were carried out without passengers with an unmanned vehicle in the Eemshaven, at the Zernike site in Groningen and in Loppersum. The trial started in August 2018 and ran until mid-2020.

Cooperating parties

For the test with the autonomous shuttle on the road, the province of Groningen, the Ommelander Hospital, transport company Arriva, the RDW and supplier Navya are working together to transport patients, visitors and hospital personnel.