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Software driving license for autonomous driving vehicles

Without a certificate of proficiency one is not allowed to transport goods or people in public spaces. This is arranged for people, but not for auto-pilot software. RobotTUNER uses human performance in the execution of procedures as the standard for the performance of auto-pilot software. A driving license for software is being developed in collaboration with the CBR (Central Bureau for Driving Certificates).

Testresultaten software-rijbewijs.

This is a good example of what certification can look like in autonomous transport. The province of Groningen helps with this by making the shuttle and route at Scheemda available for this. Several tests were conducted on this route with the CBR in the fall of 2019 and before that. A so-called software driving license can form the basis of on-road certification for autonomous vehicles in the Netherlands and abroad. After all, you do not want an autonomous vehicle to have to stop at the border, because different rules apply in the country concerned. In this way, it will soon be possible to use the software driving license to see what a vehicle can do and where it can be used.

The method can also be used for rail, water and air. Certification plays a role in all four modalities. The province of Groningen is therefore also investigating whether the certification issue can be the subject of a European subsidy application within Horizon Europe. Potential consortium partners will be sought for in the coming period, so that an application can be submitted in 2021.