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Testing safety systems for autonomous transport

The quality of the safety systems of autonomous means of transport, is an important topic in the choice of suppliers and in obtaining permission to experiment. In order to obtain an exemption, robotTUNER has developed a by the RDW approved method for Hazard and Risk Analysis HARA. A full analysis of the vehicle and the route on which it is used is performed.

Afbeelding testen veiligheidssystemen software autonoom vervoer.

This is the basis of the current exemptions for autonomous transport and works roughly in the same way for the other modalities (air, rail and water).

A number of developments are important, to take the next step from exemptions to upscaling and the wider use of autonomous transport. Vehicle certification is one of them. The technology of autonomous vehicles must also take steps to really be able to manage itself in more complex situations and at higher speeds. From 2020 on, the province of Groningen collaborates with (amongst others) Horus and 5Groningen on an extensive test with various object classification systems. This is an essential step. With the current technology, autonomous vehicles still see everything in their sensors as “an object” without attaching specific characteristics to it. By classifying these objects, these characteristics can be linked to them per object and the autonomous vehicle can then also estimate much better how it should respond. There are now several systems for this on the market. In this project we test the best systems, so that we can determine the most suitable one(s) for our situations and then improve them.