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Sustainability of mobility and infrastructure

Construction site of the Future

BAM Infra Nederland has the ambition to be and remain the most sustainable construction company. Together with partners and clients, BAM achieves its sustainability objectives by offering creative and innovative solutions for the construction site of the future.

Sustainable construction machinery

BAM Infra is a frontrunner in the development of sustainable construction machines. In 2020, for example, BAM built an electric roller itself. In 2022, together with a partner, BAM converted an asphalt spreading machine into the first fully electrically driven asphalt spreading machine in the world. And in 2022, BAM, together with another partner, converted a diesel-powered asphalt spreading machine to a variant with a hydrogen combustion engine. The engine emits virtually no nitrogen oxide and saves about 80,420 kilograms of CO₂ on an annual basis. The asphalt spreading machine is the first machine in the construction industry to run on a hydrogen combustion engine.

Sustainability goals

Sustainability is one of the central themes in BAM Infra’s strategy. BAM continuously looks for possibilities for a positive environmental impact on and in its environment. With these new machines, it contributes to reducing nitrogen emissions in the construction industry in the Netherlands.

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