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European Hyperloop Center

The European Hyperloop Center (EHC), from developer Hardt Hyperloop from Delft, will be established in Groningen. Hyperloop is a transport system, which uses an air pressure tube, through which people and goods are transported. The technique is comparable to pneumatic tube.

Hardt Hyperloop bij prototype hyperloopbuis.

The test center for this new form of transport is planned to be built north of the Slochterdiep and the neighbourhood Meerstad. Construction for the center should start in the fall of 2020; it should be ready by 2022.


The hyperloop is in line with our region’s ambitions in the field of innovation and sustainability. The hyperloop center fits in well with the close collaboration on the development of smart and green forms of traffic and transport in Groningen by companies, knowledge institutions and governments.

The hyperloop is a transport technology that is faster and more energy efficient than the aircraft and the high-speed train. Research in the new European Hyperloop Center should show to what extent the hyperloop can be a realistic alternative to short-haul flights. The coming months will be used by the province, the municipality and Hardt Hyperloop to properly prepare the construction of the center.