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The provinces of Groningen and Drenthe, OV-bureau Groningen Drenthe and Publiek Vervoer Groningen Drenthe work together with a large number of parties within the hubs program. This is an initiative to make the hubs in the region even more attractive and to add value through development processes. A hub is a place where you can switch from one mode of transport to another and where you can wait for a little while in a pleasant way.

Foto hub met fietsenstalling, bushalte en bus.


Mobility in Groningen and Drenthe will change significantly in the coming years. In the future, more ‘suitable’ transport will be requested and offered. This concerns, for example, the (shared) car, (shared) bicycle, taxi and / or bus. Traveling is done alone or with several people and can be combined with collection points for packages or groceries, for example.

Currently people still often travel directly; in the future, this will be done more and more via transfer locations where people switch between the ‘suitable’ means of transport. This switch will therefore be essential to serve travellers properly. A hub should be an attractive, enjoyable and practical place that one enjoys traveling by and that minimizes the ’emotional costs’ of waiting and transferring.

Hub facilities

Additional facilities make the hub a pleasant place. A hub is not just any junction. The emphasis is on experience: residential climate, recognisability, information, time saving, positive surprise and integration with the environment. It’s the ideal place to link multiple facilities. Think of facilities for travellers only, such as a kiosk, water tap, Wi-Fi or transfer point for the hub taxi. But one could also think of general facilities, such as a health center, a school or a shop. In short: a place where everything comes together. A hub can develop into a socio-economic hub of a village, neighbourhood or region.


Within this project companies and students/teachers from the knowledge institutions, who want to work with the partners in this project, are being sought, to really realize the ‘plus’ at hubs. How do you really create added value and something extra, on top of the standard rollout of the hubs as chain nodes?

More information

There are currently more than 50 hubs in Groningen and Drenthe. For more information about this project, visit Interested in a collaboration on this project or ideas to make a hub even more enjoyable? We would like to hear from you.