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Intelligent traffic lights on the western ring road

As a driver you don't see it, but in the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe traffic light installations have been made "more intelligent". Five of these special traffic lights (iVRI) hang on the western ring road of Groningen.

Verkeerslicht met licht voor bus.

Because they are constantly connected to the internet, they can respond to the current traffic. They can also exchange information among themselves and with road users. In this way they contribute to more road safety and better traffic flow. The new traffic lights are part of a national smart mobility programme.

The traffic lights ensure that traffic flows more smoothly. Not only can they respond to the current traffic, but they can also give priority to certain types of traffic, such as ambulances. When they approach an intersection, they are guaranteed to get a green light. But the choice can also be made, for example, to give heavy freight traffic green light more often. This not only prevents a lot of braking and acceleration and thus delays, but also limits CO2 emissions.

The smart traffic lights are part of the national Talking Traffic programme and are an example of ‘smart mobility’.