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Sustainability of mobility and infrastructure

Making material of the province of Groningen more sustainable

In accordance with the agreements in the climate agreement, all government institutions in the Netherlands must work on making their own vehicle fleet and equipment more sustainable. This concerns small vehicles, but also, for example, inspection vessels or gritters. All these vehicles must be made into zero emission vehicles by 2030 at the latest. However, the province of Groningen is keen to set an example and is therefore accelerating this task.

Inspectieschip provincie Groningen.

The right example

The province has for example already started making a number of vehicles and the province’s inspection vessel ‘zero emission’. In the coming years, this will be scaled up and the province will also start working on vehicles that are not yet being supplied as zero emission vehicle. In this way, the province of Groningen wants to be an example for other government institutions and market parties. In addition, subsequent vehicles can probably be converted or replaced more cheaply, because the knowledge has already been acquired with the first vehicles.

First steps

From 2021 on, work is already underway on a few ships and the first truck. The total fleet must emit zero emissions by 2030, at the latest.