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Mobisitie: support system for policy decisions in the sustainable mobility transition

The Mobisitie project will be carried out from 2023 to 2025 under the leadership of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. Within Mobisitie, the involved partners are working in a co-creative manner on a Policy Decision Support System (PDSS) for civil servants with issues regarding support and participation in a sustainable mobility transition.

The transition to a sustainable mobility system is extra challenging for rural municipalities, because these regions must also remain liveable and accessible. Formulating good policy is therefore complex, for example because relevant information is difficult to find. In addition, it requires specialist knowledge to stimulate communication with and participation by residents. Ultimately, the project should deliver a digital tool that helps civil servants by collecting specific and relevant information and provides methods to involve their residents in the transition.

This PDSS will deliver capacity savings by automating a lot of research and design work, serving selected themes, such as shared mobility and modal shift from the car to the bicycle. Firstly, the PDSS provides insights by organizing and combining existing and new data sources. Secondly, these insights form the basis for the design of communication and participation with residents. In this way, sustainable behavioral change is achieved.
The design of a PDSS meets the professional needs of civil servants and contributes to knowledge about engagement processes, digitalization, communication, participation and their embedding in higher professional education.