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MOCOLODO: MObility during and after COrona LOckDOwn – sustainability, safety, inclusivity

Hive.Mobility partners University of Groningen and the municipality of Groningen will start a study, in the autumn of 2020, into the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on our mobility system, together with a number of other knowledge institutions, municipalities and business partners. The research, called MOCOLODO, is funded by NWO-ZonNw.

Foto lege bus.

Impact COVID-19 on mobility

The project looks at the effect that the corona lockdown has had on travel behaviour and the performance of the (public) transport system. Sustainable, safe and inclusive strategies for the mobility system are being designed for during and after the corona crisis.

Data-driven research

The research will be linked to the Urban Mobility Observatory (UMO), a large-scale multidisciplinary data and research facility where various data sources are made accessible for research.


The two-year project is carried out by various universities and societal partners:

Universities: University of Groningen, VU Amsterdam (secretary), University of Utrecht, TU Delft, University of Twente.

Societal partners: municipality of Groningen, municipality of Amsterdam, vervoerregio Amsterdam, province of Utrecht, municipality of Utrecht, municipality of Almelo, Achmea, Nederlandse Spoorwegen.