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Parking site electric buses

This bus parking has undergone significant development in 2019. In the GD2020 concession, the number of electric buses has increased from 10 to 164. Both city buses and buses used on the Q-link network run electrically. To make this possible, the loading capacity had to be expanded at various locations. Fast chargers have also been installed at various end points, such as P+R Reitdiep and Ruischerbrug, so that buses can top up during the journey. The site on the Peizerweg in Groningen has been prepared for charging the new electric buses, with 73 pantograph chargers and 10 plug chargers realized.

The facility has expanded considerably in recent years. Shell has realized a hydrogen filling station on the site in 2021, an adjacent site has been added to the parking facility and twenty additional hydrogen buses are being deployed. A hydrogen filling station has also been realized at the Emmen site, with another ten additional hydrogen buses.

From 2024, another 158 electric buses will flow in. These will replace a large part of the HVO diesel buses between 2024 and 2026. For more information, visit the Qbuzz website.