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Pilot with shared cars in Groningen and Drenthe

Shared mobility is increasingly taking off in cities: supply and demand are growing. There is little supply outside the cities, while car dependence is very high. Shared mobility can be a good addition to the current mobility system and can thus reduce car ownership. The main question in this pilot is how a government can also facilitate and stimulate this development outside the cities, especially at hubs, and what is needed for this.

Shared cars at 13 locations

Electric shared cars will be installed at 13 locations in the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe, at hubs and in cores around the N34 – initially one per location. The pilot is gradually being rolled out at each location, whereby the neighborhood and local parties are involved and invited to use the shared car at each location. There is also room to ask questions.

The aim of the pilot is to introduce the concept to as many people as possible and to see an increase in the use of shared cars outside the northern cities. With this pilot, a certain amount of confidence can arise in the shared car concept that a number of people will sell their third or second car. The desired end result is that the project can continue independently after the pilot phase of 2 years, without (or with limited) government support.

Monitoring and research

The results of the pilot will be monitored in collaboration with the University of Groningen. A baseline measurement has been performed for this and a monitoring framework has been drawn up, which can be used periodically to monitor the effect of the pilot. In this way it is possible to respond to the situation if a certain location is not going well or is going very well. Monitoring makes it possible to see what works well at which location to promote use.

Pilot partners

Regio Groningen-Assen, the province of Drenthe and the national government are contributing financially to this pilot. In addition, the research of the University of Groningen is funded by G-PaTRA (Green Passenger Transport in Rural Areas). Century Autogroep is the executive party.