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Company vehicles on hydrogen

The demand for emission-free passenger and commercial vehicles is increasing. And partly due to changing legislation and the Climate Agreement. On the one hand due to changing legislation and the Climate Agreement, and on the other hand due to the awareness of customers that polluting fossil fuels have had their day.

Transporter busje.

Century Autogroep and Holthausen Clean Technology have been working closely together for 5 years to enable emission-free mobility. With the introduction of a jointly developed electric hydrogen-powered vehicle, the collaboration responds to the need to make the Dutch fleet more sustainable.

That is why these companies have the scoop to deliver the first hydrogen powered van in the Netherlands to the municipality of Groningen and the adjacent municipality of Noordenveld in Drenthe.

Groningen bought a Volkswagen ‘T6’ and the municipality of Noordenveld a double cabin VW Crafter. The ‘T6’ came as a diesel version and was converted to an electric drive by Holthausen Clean technology and Century. The Crafter was supplied ex-works by Century as an e-Crafter and Holthausen Clean Technology added the hydrogen technology.