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Trial with free electric cargo bike

In 2025, the city center of Groningen must be logistically emission-free. The cargo bike is an important player in this. Companies and organizations that regularly transport goods can use an electric cargo bike for two weeks, via Groningen Bereikbaar.

Elektrische cargobike van GRoningen Bereikbaar bij de Kaaskop in de binnenstad van Groningen.

The trial allows companies or organizations to experience the convenience of an electric cargo bike compared to the car or van. In this way, nuisance of road work can be avoided and people are also working in a healthy and sustainable manner. With the cargo bike one does not have to deal with the delivery times in the city center of Groningen. In addition, it is often faster than with a car or van, especially in the city center.

This trial was an immediate success and many bicycles are still being tried through the programme. In 2019, an electric cargo bike was added to the trial bikes. With this bicycle, parents can check whether they can bring their children and pick them up to school or daycare and leave the car at home. After the success of these campaigns, Groningen Bereikbaar also wants companies to try whether an electric cargo bike suits them.

After the trial, companies are offered a nice offer to purchase a cargo bike themselves. They are also asked to fill in a survey. This can be used to look at the type of companies for which an electric cargo bike would be a good option for logistics and how many car movements are being saved by this.

The Southeast business association supports the initiative and has therefore made the second cargo bike available. Because mobility is a major energy consumer for many companies, the Southeast Business Association wants to offer entrepreneurs sustainable mobility solutions.