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Autonomous transport

Universal Remote Control System for autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles during the current phase, often still have a steward on board. In the near future, it should be possible for vehicles on the road, for example, to only be monitored from a distance. It is the intention that autonomous means of transport are monitored remotely and that control can be taken over in the event of remote problems.

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Only then can the potential of autonomous (public) transport be fully utilized. It is important that this is not system dependent. A remote operator must be able to monitor and control systems from different suppliers. The province of Groningen does not want to be tied to the remote control system of one supplier when it comes to tenders for autonomous vehicles, because it usually only works on their vehicles. RobotTUNER is developing an open source system for this. This system is tested in practice within Hive.Mobility and as soon as it works, it can be used on any vehicle by prescribing this as a requirement.