Province of Groningen and robotTUNER with the latest autonomous transport demonstrations on the final day of the Self Driving Challenge

Six student teams from colleges and universities in the Netherlands competed against each other on Thursday 8 June by racing a self-driving kart on a circuit in Assen during the final day of the Self Driving Challenge 2023. The student teams were challenged to program a self-driving, electric kart in such a way that it travels the track without human intervention. This is the fifth time that the RDW organizes the competition for self-driving karts.

The Self Driving Challenge was won this year by students of the University of Groningen. Their self-driving kart completed the track twice in just over fifteen minutes, a record in the history of the event. The Hanze University of Applied Sciences team also delivered a great performance and finished third.
Compared to last year, the karts were equipped with more technology. Among other things, the teams had three front cameras, while there was only one last year.

In addition to the spectacular race, there was also an opportunity on the final day to share and gather knowledge about self-driving vehicles and the latest innovations in this field. Hive.Mobility partners the province of Groningen and robotTUNER were present to interactively introduce the public to the latest developments through unique demonstrations.

Visitors could ride in a self-driving minibus that drove autonomously to a charging point. The minibus was then charged on arrival, without human help or intervention, via an autonomous charger.
There was also the opportunity to take a ride on a self-driving electric multifunctional vehicle. This vehicle is multi-purpose with interchangeable functions such as a passenger car, parcel carrier or, for example, a salt spreader.
Finally, visitors could also take a look at an 18-metre-long macrobus, which will soon be driving autonomously at the Qbuzz bus depot in Groningen. A simulator was present in the bus with which a virtual ride could be driven.

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