Communication between vehicles, the roadside and within the network, in combination with data sharing in smart information transport systems such as 5G and sensors, can contribute to making the mobility sector more sustainable and traveling from A to B much smarter.

An even better application of data in mobility creates a large amount of information, which makes it increasingly possible with current technological developments to make your journey as cheap, sustainable, fast and efficient as possible, depending on your own preferences. On the other hand, this also raises many questions about, for example, privacy (what are you willing to share?) and insurances. With the partners of Hive.Mobility, we are looking at all aspects above.

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Smart Networks

Main theme

A main theme is still under development. Many developments are already taking place that greatly stimulate the use of more data within mobility and that make sure great opportunities arise for a more efficient, customer-friendly and sustainable mobility system. For example, the better traffic flow due to intelligent traffic control systems at intersections, the opportunities that 5G offers for the development of autonomous transport, MaaS and other transport services and, for example, also the combinations of parcel and passenger transport or the setting up and checking of zero emission zones. The Northern Netherlands has everything it takes to be the front runner in data with a 5G lab, Astron, Google data center and many other parties in Groningen and surroundings who are fully engaged in this theme.

Due to an increase in the use of data, more behavior-oriented questions will also arise. Think for example of insurance issues and especially privacy. What are people willing to share for more travel and service options or for cheaper or more sustainable transport? Both of the aforementioned aspects, the opportunities and the sensitivities, will already be addressed by the involved partners of Hive.Mobility in 2020 in various projects and studies.

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Smart Networks

Involved partners

  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences has, among other things, set up the Hanze Datalab;
  • Groningen Bereikbaar is involved in the projects with intelligent traffic control systems;
  • the University of Groningen has an extensive GeoData service (Geodienst), where an enormous amount of data is collected and linked, and conducts research into insurance and privacy issues when using data in mobility;
  • the province of Groningen is the initiator of the projects in the field of autonomous transport and 5G;
  • robotTUNER supports and advises the province of Groningen on the 5G projects and also supplies simulators;
  • Arriva is currently involved in the 5G student battle.
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Smart Networks


The theme Smart Networks is still in a start-up phase. We are still searching for at least one or two additional strategic partners who have proven themselves within this field and who can add value to Hive.Mobility. Later this year it will also be possible to look at opportunities for external subsidies, both nationally and in Europe, with these partners.