Startups wanted!

Startups can register themselves again this year for Startup in Residence Northern Netherlands. This is a program through which the government gives startups the space to come up with innovative ideas and solutions for social challenges.

It’s the first time that public organizations from three provinces work together in Startup in Residence (SIR). More than 13 partners from Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe are looking for solutions to a wide range of challenges. From collecting and/or recycling the plastic in Eemshaven to parental involvement in school development. Hive.Mobility has also submitted a challenge together with Campus Groningen under the name Campus Mobility.

Campus Mobility

Sustainability and healthy aging are priorities at Campus Groningen. But how do we ensure that these goals are also central when making mobility choices? And how do we not only make employees, visitors and users of the Campus more aware of their travel behaviour, but also help them make wise choices?
We are looking for a solution that increases awareness in (responsible) travel behaviour and that stimulates people to make a responsible mobility choice. Check out the entire challenge here.

About Startup in Residence

If you register for a challenge as a startup, you pitch your ideas after which a final selection is made. Selected startups then receive 6 months of intensive training from professional coaches, together with guidance. In this way you will master all the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and it helps you to develop your idea into a prototype. If your idea is converted into a working, successful solution, the city and province will help to market your product.


You can register for one of the challenges until October 6th, noon. For more information about the planning and registration, click here.