Student Meeting Mobisitie: Collaboration and Inspiration

On Tuesday, April 23, Hanze organized a meeting for all students involved in assignments within the Mobisitie project this semester. Mobisitie is a project led by Hanze University where project partners work in a co-creative manner on a Policy Choice Support System (BKSS) for civil servants in rural areas facing issues related to support and participation in the sustainable mobility transition.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

The main goal of the project is to meet the professional needs of the civil servant. Additionally, increasing knowledge about engagement processes, digitalization, communication, and participation is central. It is important to integrate this into higher education. To facilitate this, Hanze employs an interdisciplinary approach. This semester, a total of 39 students from six different courses and minors are involved in the project.

Student Meeting

During the meeting, five student groups presented the assignments they are working on and their preliminary results. These groups came from the Bachelor’s program in Communication and Multimedia Design, the minor AI and Profession, and the Master’s program Energy for Society. The minor Brand Design & Psychology was also represented at the meeting. The students shared their findings with the attending teachers, Mobisitie researchers, and, of course, with each other.

The purpose of this meeting was to connect the students, clarify the context of the project, and provide inspiration and networking opportunities. The attending students, teachers, and researchers had the opportunity to give feedback and ask critical questions. The various academic backgrounds created a dynamic and educational environment where new ideas and insights could be shared.

Collaboration and Network Development

The meeting provided a valuable opportunity to discuss the progress of the various assignments. It also emphasized the importance of further exploring potential collaborations between disciplines within the framework of Mobisitie. The focus was not only on the professional development of the students but also on strengthening mutual bonds and building a network where students can support and inspire each other.