Ten companies join innovation center Hive.Mobility

The business community, knowledge institutions and government work together on the mobility of the future

Ten companies have signed an agreement, officially joining the Hive.Mobility network. Hive.Mobility is the innovation center for smart and sustainable mobility. A large network of partners in the Northern Netherlands is working together within Hive.Mobility on the transition to a more sustainable and smarter mobility of goods and people.

The strategic partners are Groningen Bereikbaar, OV-bureau Groningen Drenthe, Qbuzz, Arriva, Energy Expo, Holthausen Clean Technology, robotTUNER, Century, DEMCON and Regio Groningen-Assen. “In the past year, many partners have already jointly launched innovative mobility projects under the Hive.Mobility banner. Think for example of hydrogen buses, trains and trucks, tests with autonomously flying drones and cars and pilots with electric cargo bikes. I am delighted that our partners believe in the potential of the Hive by now officially establishing their commitment”, says Ilse Mensink, programme manager Hive.Mobility.

Screenshot van strategisch partners van Hive.Mobility met logo van Hive in hun hand, tijdens een videovergadering.

Mobility transition

Due to the rapid succession of technological innovations, the mobility ecosystem is radically changing. In addition to the car, bus, train, metro and bicycle, our range of modalities will be expanded to include an electric or hydrogen car, self-driving and connected vehicles and new subscription services such as Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). This creates numerous possibilities for transporting people and goods in a smarter, faster and more sustainable way.

Ilse Mensink: “As a region, the Northern Netherlands is ideally suited for accelerating this mobility transition with new innovations, which can ultimately also be scaled up to national and international applications. As Hive.Mobility, we are therefore joining forces to work together on the mobility of the future.


Within Hive.Mobility, knowledge and educational institutions, governments, companies, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations work together on sustainable and smarter mobility. The partners come up with solutions for the region based on the idea that they can then be widely applied in the Netherlands and Europe.

Interested in which initiatives have been developed by our partners? Take a look at our website: www.hivemobility.nl