The development center for smart mobility is called Hive.Mobility

The center in Groningen where governments, knowledge institutions and the business community work together on the development of smart and green transport, is called Hive.Mobility. The center was officially opened on 5 July 2019. In the center, there is collaboration on a safe and easily accessible environment. According to the initiators, this can only be done through collaboration and joining forces.

Innovation agenda

The initiators of Hive.Mobility have formulated an innovation agenda with five main focal points, in which the development and application of knowledge are central:

  1. smart (city) logistics;
  2. open and connected networks for freight and passenger transport (such as hubs and Mobility as a Service, MaaS);
  3. sustainability of mobility and infrastructure;
  4. autonomous transport by land, water, rail and air;
  5. Smart Networks (communication between vehicles, roadside and within the network, 5G, data sharing).


Within Hive.Mobility, organizations work together on smart and innovative mobility for residents of the city and region. The center bundles knowledge, experiences and initiatives. In addition, it offers students, researchers and the business community the opportunity to develop, test and apply smart and innovative solutions for mobility in the northern region. Together, organizations also wish to participate in national and international innovation programmes together. The center must make a sustainable contribution to the accessibility and liveability of the city and the region.


Hive.Mobility is made possible and financed by the province of Groningen, the municipality of Groningen, the University of Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Noorderpoort and now nine strategic partners from the business community and institutions (Hitachi Capital Mobility, Arriva, Qbuzz, robotTUNER, Century, Holthausen, Energy Expo, Groningen Bereikbaar en het OV-bureau Groningen Drenthe). In addition, the National Programme Groningen also made a contribution.