Third Meet & Greet with Hardt Hyperloop

In February and May of this year, Hive.Mobility, in collaboration with Hardt, the University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences, organized two exploratory digital Meet & Greets. The first physical Meet & Greet with Hardt Hyperloop took place on September 28. Interested parties from governments, businesses and knowledge institutions have enjoyed an inspiring afternoon in the energy Barn.

Hosts of the day Carine Joosse, dean at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, and Yvonne van den Berg, director of the European Hyperloop Center, told the participants about what is already going on, the series of Meet & Greets and the insights that have already been gained in the previous sessions. Stan de Caluwe and Max Wink, business developers at Hardt Hyperloop, then informed and inspired the audience with their presentations on logistics and technology of the hyperloop.
After the plenary presentations, the participants divided into 5 tables where various topics were discussed, led by a table chairperson. The themes cargo hyperloop network, cargo hyperloop service vision, passenger hyperloop network, societal support and legal considerations were discussed. The mix of backgrounds of the participants led to an interesting exchange of ideas.

This third session has again led to inspiring insights and connections. In the coming period, the organization of the Meet & Greets will look at the next step with enthusiastic stakeholders from the north who find it interesting to work on a joint ambition. If you are interested in this development and see opportunities to participate yourself, let us know!

Curious about more information about the hyperloop and its relevance for the Northern Netherlands? Here you can watch the keynote presentation from Tim Houter, CEO of Hardt Hyperloop, at the New Energy Forum on June 24, 2021.