Traveling smartly to Campus Groningen with the Mobility Portal

Sustainably, healthy and with personal travel advice on your way to Campus Groningen. As of today, it is possible via the tailor-made online Mobility Portal of startup TripService. Over the past six months, TripService has been working on the mobility challenge of Campus Groningen and Hive.Mobility. The challenge that TripService took on is not only to provide campus visitors with appropriate travel advice for their door-to-door journey, but also to encourage responsible and conscious mobility choices. “After six months developing ideas and testing behind the scenes, we can now really launch the Campus Mobility Portal in a pilot and have it tested by end users. We are very much looking forward to the first reactions and results”, says Wouter Giesen, Account Manager at TripService.

The mobility challenge is part of the Startup in Residence Northern Netherlands program, in which startups collaborate with organizations on an innovative solution for a societal issue.

Conscious travel behaviour

Together with Hive.Mobility, Campus Groningen has formulated a mobility challenge for the Startup in Residence program. Both organizations consider innovative and sustainable mobility solutions important. The challenge was formulated as follows: ”Develop a system that increases awareness of (responsible) travel behaviour and that stimulates people to make a responsible mobility choice.” The challenge for TripService was not only to develop a system that shows the fastest or most efficient route from door to door, but also to provide insight into the healthiest and most sustainable way to get to your destination. Moreover, the traveller must be encouraged to make a sustainable and healthy mobility choice. This means, among other things, that as a cyclist you get to see which bicycle parking facility is closest to your destination, so that a healthy and sustainable choice is easy to make. The Mobility Portal under development for Campus Groningen soon turned out to be an addition to the Smart Map of Groningen Bereikbaar. As a result, collaboration has also been sought in this regard: the Smart Map can also be seen in the portal.

Testing ground for innovative solutions

As of today, the Mobility Portal for traveling to Campus Groningen is available via “Whether you go to Campus Groningen on foot, by bike, by public transport or by car, the Mobility Portal shows the most efficient, sustainable and healthiest route and transport choice,” says Wouter. Community Coordinator Irene Amsing of Campus Groningen is also enthusiastic about the start of the pilot: “The formulated mobility challenge is an interesting challenge, with which we initiate the transition to digital mobility management and show that we prioritize the most sustainable and healthy mobility solutions on Campus Groningen. I am therefore very curious about the results and insights from the Mobility Portal”. After the end of the pilot phase (end of October), the portal will be evaluated and adapted based on the first user experiences.